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Living in the Marietta and greater Atlanta means you are no stranger to the sweltering summer heat and suffocating humidity. And though it is most certainly going to be uncomfortable outside, the heat and humidity can also wreak havoc inside your home, and even your sinuses. With much more humidity in the air, you indoor air quality (IAQ) can plummet, which is bad news for your allergy symptoms.

Here are some measures you can take to keep your home comfortable, instead of feeling like a Georgia swamp.

The Dangers of Excess Indoor Moisture

Your home is an investment. So would it terrify you to know that black mold only requires 24 to 48 hours to form in an environment that is consistently over 50% humidity? Black mold in and of itself is a nightmare, but dust mites also thrive in an overly humid environment. Mold and dust mites are some of the top triggers of allergy symptoms.

How We Can Prevent It

We live here, too. As the experts in heating and air conditioning in Marietta and Atlanta, here at Arbor Insulation we have learned through experience what it takes to keep the humidity out of your (and our) homes. Though upgrading your air conditioning can certainly help keep the moisture at bay, there are a few more factors at play. At Arbor Insulation, we take an “outside in” approach to keep you and your family comfortable in the Georgia summer.

Air Sealing

Your home may not be as airtight as you think it is. This can mean all the work your air conditioner is doing to cool and dehumidify your air could be be leaking out of your attic, floors and ducts. Air Sealing is often the most effective way to keep your home dry and at a comfortable temperature. This is the most important first step in not only staying cool this summer, but also saving money on your energy bills!


The next step is making sure your home is properly insulated. Good insulation provides a barrier between your home and whatever the weather is doing outside. This means it keeps the cold out in the winter, as well as keeping the heat out in the summer. Pairing this with proper air sealing will stabilize temperatures and moisture inside your home.

How Can Arbor Keep You Cool and Dry This Summer?

Your home is where you and your family spend your time together. Shouldn’t you be comfortable? And who doesn’t love spending less money each month on their utility bills? By air sealing and properly insulating your home with Arbor Insulation, you can rest easy knowing the summer heat and humidity isn’t posing a risk to your home, your allergies, or your wallet.

Ready to seal the gaps in your home, before the Georgia summer gets any hotter? Contact us or call 404-728-0001 today to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our cooling specialists.

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