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Open Chase

You really don’t want the air in your home to move freely from your attic to the remainder of your house. All of that air that moves around has to be cooled in summer or heated in winter. We measure that movement in Air Changes Per Hour. The more air changes per hour, the more money you spend, the more uncomfortable you are, the more dust is in your home, the more unhealthy air you breathe, and it’s probably the reason Uncle Henry never visits. Welcome to the Allergy Freeway, the Energy-Waster Autobahn, the Dirt Track.

You need to seal those holes in your attic floor. If you want to do one thing that will improve your comfort, energy efficiency, and air quality the most, air seal your attic floor. Seal all your chases, the holes in top plates, the gaps between dry wall and top plates, recessed lights, and around duct boots. Seal all the holes in your attic floor and form an air-tight barrier.

Now, go buy yourself a milkshake. You’ve earned it. Without doing any more work; without spending any more money; every year, you will be more comfortable and every year you will save money on your utility bill.

Now this sounds easy and it is fairly simple, but believe me, it is not fun. It is seriously not-fun in the winter and absolutely bonkers not-fun in the summer. So, call Arbor Insulation Solutions at (404) 728-0001 and relax while the Clean Start Team makes you more comfortable than you have ever been since you have owned  your home.

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