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Don’t Wait to Boost Home Comfort with These Upgrades

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How’s your house holding up against the Georgia heat this summer? If your home is anything like many in the Atlanta area, it’s probably a little hotter than you would like.

While it may be tempting to think these home comfort issues will go away as soon as fall hits, if your home is uncomfortable now then your home is going to be uncomfortable year-round — unless you make a few home comfort upgrades, that is. If you want to start feeling more comfortable at home, saving money on your utility bills, and taking advantage of available rebates, be sure to schedule your home comfort upgrades as soon as possible!

Which Upgrades Will Improve My Home Comfort?

Two upgrades in particular will go a long way in improving your indoor comfort year-round: air sealing and insulation.

Air sealing

Without you knowing it, there are probably air leaks all over your house — near the attic hatch, around recessed lighting, along your window frames, and around electrical wiring penetrations, just to name a few places. These tiny holes and cracks may seem harmless, but they can really add up and cause your valuable conditioned air to seep right out of your living space.

Air sealing with spray foam eliminates all of those pesky air leaks, saving energy, lowering your utility bills, and giving you greater control over your home comfort. We recommend AirTight 360 foam insulation because it’s affordable, provides a strong air seal, and has valuable insulation properties.

If you’re going to invest in one home improvement for greater indoor comfort, make it air sealing.


Insulation works together with air sealing to make indoor temperatures more consistent, no matter the temperature outside. Most homes here in Atlanta — especially older homes — are under-insulated and need additional insulation in the attic, floors, and exterior walls. Like air sealing, insulation helps conserve energy, lower your utility bills, and better control your indoor comfort. It also offers soundproofing!

Why Schedule These Upgrades Now?

If you want to experience true home comfort all year long while saving as much money as possible, schedule air sealing and insulation as soon as possible. These upgrades offer impressive utility bill savings year-round, meaning the earlier you complete them, the more money you’ll save.

These energy efficiency upgrades also come with money saving rebates — but not for long! Currently, Georgia Power is offering $300 for air sealing, $250 for attic insulation, and other valuable rebates.

Get Started with a Free Home Diagnostic Test & Estimate

Ready to start enhancing home energy efficiency and comfort? It all starts with an energy audit to assess your home and find out where it needs air sealing and insulation. As the Atlanta region’s premier insulation company, we have the experience and expertise you need for tailored air sealing and insulation recommendations.

Start feeling more comfortable and saving on your energy bills. Contact us or call 404-728-0001 today to schedule an energy audit!

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