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Should I Insulate Before Installing a New HVAC System?

HVAC or Insulation Atlanta

If you live in the Greater Atlanta area your cooling unit has probably been running nearly non-stop this summer. An older system is probably not cooling as effectively as you would like it to and exponentially increasing your energy bills. That means you just need to install a new unit, right? Not necessarily. Before installing […]

COVID-19 Update

  Arbor Insulation Solutions is a local home service company and our families live in the Atlanta community,  Like you, we have been monitoring the evolving news regarding COVID-19. We are taking additional precautions to protect you and our employees, such as encouraging social distancing, “If you’re sick, stay home” policy and common-sense respiratory and […]

Want Energy Efficient Windows? Consider Insulation First!

skylight window in ceiling, attic with insulation exposed

In the quest to upgrade their home’s efficiency and increase home comfort, many Atlanta area homeowners spend time researching which types of home performance upgrades are most valuable. This is especially true during the summer, when Georgia’s temperatures can soar and high cooling costs can force homeowners into action. Naturally, most people look towards what […]

How the Heat & Humidity Affect Mold Growth

interior molding with mold damage

And what you can do to prevent it in your Atlanta area home! Many Atlantans scoff at the outdated nickname of our beloved city — “Hot-lanta” — though “Humid-lanta” may have been a little more accurate. Summer here in the south doesn’t just bring the heat, it brings the suffocating and oppressive humidity. And with […]

Does Your Attic Need More Insulation?

attic insulation infographic image arbor insulation

Improving your attic insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve home comfort and energy efficiency, especially when it’s hot out. Is it time to update your attic? Signs of an Under-Insulated Attic High Energy Bills High energy bills may mean heat is entering through the attic in the summer and escaping through […]

Signs Your Attic Insulation Needs To Be Replaced

dirty attic, kneewall insulation

Attic insulation isn’t something a lot of homeowners keep a regular account of. It is often one of those “set it and forget” it aspects of a home here in the Atlanta, GA area, especially for those that inherited the existing insulation in their home when they moved in. But did you know, that the […]

How Insulation & Air Sealing Help Your Home Year-Round

How Insulation & Air Sealing Help Your Home Year-Round infographic header image arbor insulation

(View as a downloadable PDF version) Many homes have air leaks and gaps in insulation, leading to home comfort and efficiency issues. For a more comfortable and efficient home year-round, make sure your home is well sealed and insulated. How Insulation Works Insulation acts as a thermal barrier that controls heat movement into and out […]

Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

(View as a downloadable PDF version) Insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your home’s overall efficiency and comfort. The same barrier that slows heat from exiting your home during the winter will also prevent the stifling outdoor air from penetrating your home in the summer. Insulation’s effectiveness is measured by […]

“Why Are My Floors Always Cold?” It’s Time to Embrace Your Crawl Space

It’s the thing that no one wants to experience when they step out of bed in the morning during the winter: You finally muster the energy to slip out from underneath the warm covers, only to find when you step onto that hardwood floor that it’s as cold as ice. Suddenly the thought of sneaking […]

Why Do My Ducts Always Sweat?

inside of duct up close

                  Does your ductwork appear to sweat just like you do in the summer? It’s not your imagination — condensation on ductwork is common, even through the fall and winter time. While sweating ductwork may not seem like a big issue, it can actually undermine the energy efficiency […]