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If you live in Atlanta, you already know there are plenty of activities to get you and the family outside throughout the year. You could head to one of the many, many music festivals (there are more festivals in Atlanta than in any other city in the south!), spend a night out at the Alliance Theatre, or perhaps catch the Christmas Day Parade on Peachtree Street or the Juneteenth Parade come summertime. 

But no matter your favorite activities throughout the year, you depend on your home to keep you and your family as comfortable as possible when you walk back through the door. Would it surprise you to learn that the insulation in your walls, attic, and crawl space actually play a vital role in keeping your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer? 

As the trusted and experienced cellulose and spray foam insulation contractor serving the greater Atlanta area, here is what you should know about how our insulation services can stabilize your home comfort and reduce your heating and cooling costs — plus, we can help you save now on your insulation upgrade with rebates and financing!

How Insulation (Should) Work

The role of insulation is to reduce the amount of heat transfer between the materials that make up your home. This includes both the exterior and interior walls of your home, your roof and attic, as well as the crawl space or basement

Most Atlanta homeowners are familiar with how insulation works in the wintertime. As you heat up your home, insulation keeps the heat from your furnace inside, so that you can stay warm when the temperatures drop outside. But when the hot and humid Atlanta summer temperatures return, the process is reversed. 

When the sun begins to beat down on your roof, proper attic insulation will reduce the amount of heat that penetrates the exterior of your home and into your living space. This keeps your indoor temperatures stable, and reduces the amount of work your air conditioner has to put in to keep you and your family from sweating it out all summer! The benefits of upgrading your home insulation include:

Choosing the Right Insulation Type

Because the team at Arbor is certified by the Building Performance Institute (along with many other building science related certifications), we make sure to take your entire house into account and remove your old, outdated insulation when designing a customized insulation solution for your home. We are not here to make a sale based on quotas or overstock — we are motivated to find the right insulation material for you. 

Perhaps your home is in need of air sealing (closing the air leaks that exist in your attic) with closed cell spray foam insulation material, or our AirTight 360 Hybrid Spray Foam. Or, maybe your home simply requires a blown-in insulation material (like cellulose or fiberglass) which is faster and easier to install than attic spray foam insulation. Whatever the case, we will make sure you understand the pros, cons, energy savings, and cost before we move forward. No matter your insulation needs, if you have been searching for “spray foam insulation near me”, we have everything you need and more!

Did you know properly insulating your Atlanta home will keep you more comfortable all year long, while saving you in energy costs? Call 404-948-3233 or contact us to get started with our FREE Home Diagnostic Test & Estimate!