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Does anyone care about energy savings?

Does anyone care about energy savings?

For the most part, I think the answer is yes. I believe people want to do their part in conserving energy and reducing their bills. But, to the average homeowner, is it really worth investing several hundred or even thousands of dollars to possibly save 30% on their utility bills?  I’m guessing not. When you see these “in your face ads” to save 20, 30 or even 50% do you believe them?  By the way, these potential savings are not off of your entire utility bill, just the heating or cooling portion of your bill.  Take a look at your March or April statement. Typically, in Atlanta during these months you’re not doing a lot of heating or cooling.  These months are a good representation of your base energy usage before cooling or heating. Now, look at your June bill. Subtract the difference from one of the spring bills and you get an idea of your cooling costs. To keep it simple, let’s assume you jump from $100 in March to $175 in June. The difference is $75. Now, lets look at the potential of saving 30% from properly sealing and insulating your home.  Wow, you’re going to save $22.50!  Not really that impressive, right? I find that many companies in the energy segment continue to emphasize the savings resulting from sealing and insulating. Home performance contractors, insulation contractors, building science geeks, government agencies, manufacturers, etc. are all guilty. My chosen trade has done a disservice to you and to ourselves.  It is very difficult to guarantee someone savings. I can’t figure out why these companies continue to use these tactics. Do they really work?

At Arbor Insulation Solutions, the immediate feedback from our clients is always about the improved comfort!  To give you an idea, here’s a comment from Kathy about a recently completed project at her home:  “What a difference last night!!  Love my new attic even if I don’t save a penny!  And my closet doesn’t have that stale smell!!  Outstanding result. You guys killed it!!  Now I’m off to blab to the world. Thanks again.”

As consumers, how much do we spend to buy comfortable clothes, shoes, furniture or cars?  When you purchased a new mattress, did you ask the sales rep; “How much will I save?”  I believe most of us set our thermostats to a temperature that is a compromise between your comfort and utility cost.  You may be fine with your $175 summer utility bill, but you would be more comfortable at 74 degrees instead of 78.   Being comfortable in your home is much more important than $22.50 a month.


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